<strong>'Terroir' Producer ?</strong>

'Terroir' Producer ?

You are a Canadian ‘Terroir’ producer and would like to promote your products or services to domestic and international tourists traveling in recreational vehicles (camper trailers, motorhomes, camper van )? You would like that travelers remember your business and spread the good news ? You only need to provide parking spots in a charming rural setting and to warmly host travelers … by joining RVing in Terroir !
<strong>RV Traveler ?</strong>

RV Traveler ?

RVing in Terroir is a network of free overnight parking spaces offered by terroir producers in Canada who thrive to warmly greet and host RV travelers (trailer, motorhome, van). A tasty alternative to camping for unforgettable discoveries and encounters.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome of producers who are mostly passionate. The parking spaces were almost always located in a picturesque place on their lot which added a lot to our experience (eg between two apple trees rather than in the gravel parking lot of the shop). Looking forward to the next season! In the meantime, we are enjoying our stock of local products. :-) »

"For a first year, the experience was conclusive and you were FANTASTIC !!!!! We are already looking forward to the next season. "

"We were expected and received a warm welcome everywhere. We have found a willingness to serve us almost everywhere. We discovered good products. Despite some small gaps, parking and product presentation in one or two places, we were satisfied with our experience. "

"Thank you for this wonderful initiative! We discovered new places and great people. "

"I use RVing in Terroir for my overnight stops when I am traveling or visiting an area. I'm lucky to be retired. I appreciated being able to book the previous day as it allows us to have a flexible itinerary. Please keep the obligation to book within 30 days. "

"Congratulations. I love RVing in Terroir. If you expand in other provinces it would be wonderful. "