How to become an RV-friendly Terroir Producer

Who may become an RV-friendly Terroir Producer

You run a Canadian business focussing on the production, transformation or sale of terroir products: welcome to antique-dealers, artists and artisans, artisanal bakeries and deli, cider-making shops, fruits and veggies farms, dedicated cultures such as lavender, mushrooms, herbs of all kinds, sugar bush, cheese factories, micro-breweries, fish products, orchards, vineyards…

Or you run a Canadian business offering regional tourism activities: welcome to water sports, horse riding, hiking and fitness circuits, gardens and parks, museums and interpretation centres, fauna observation centres, fishing and fish farming…

You can provide one to five parking spaces for a 24-hour stopover to member RV-travelers. These spaces are on flat ground, in a charming and easily accessible environment.

Advantages for RV-friendly Terroir Producers

The RVing the Terroir network is for you if :

You would like to gain visibility for your products or services amongst a large number of visitors – local, from Europe, from the US …

You would like visitors to remember your business and that they spread the word…

You would like to benefit from a visibility window on the web and on social media…

All of this without any fee and with the freedom to withdraw, given a 30-day notice…

You are also an adept RV-vacationer ?

RVing the Terroir offers you a free seasonal membership as a gift for your contribution to the network!

How does it work

Registration as an RV-friendly terroir producer is free and very flexible.

Determine the number of parking spaces that you would like to offer to RV travelers. Take note of the Terms of use and register by filling the form. RVing in Terroir will contact you within 5 working days to complete your registration. 

Then log on to your member space and you will be able to access the reservation calendar and determine the availability of your parking spaces according to your needs and preferences. At any time, you may modify these availabilities according to your own situation.

Parking spaces are reserved at most 30 days in advance, to allow you more flexibility. If you need, for important reasons, to block availabilities while there are pending reservations for your parking spaces, please contact so that we can ensure a follow-up with concerned travelers.

Every time that a member traveler will reserve one of your parking spaces, you will receive an email from RVing in Terroir. You do not need to confirm anything. It is therefore important that you maintain an up-to-date reservation calendar for your parking spaces so that availabilities offered at the time of reservation are convenient for you.

You may withdraw from the network at any time, by complying with the 30-day delay if there are active reservations for your spaces.

Advice to RV-friendly Terroir Producers

Advise your staff of ongoing reservations so as to facilitate traveler welcoming in your absence.

Make sure that parking spaces are flat and respect the dimensions listed in your file.

If possible, plan for a cover picture focussing on the welcoming. Travelers are sensitive to the warmth of these cover pictures.

Take pictures of your parking spots and focus on the natural surroundings (trees, nice view on a field…)

Indicate the relevant assets such as a pick-nick table, guided visit, etc.

Producer FAQ

Still more questions? Consult the producer FAQ.

The country… peaceful happiness
The country… peaceful happiness