Smokie Ridge Vineyard

Mountain, Ontario

Tasting, Vineyard/Winery

Smokie Ridge Vineyard is a local family owned and operated vineyard and winery specializing in northern varietal grapes, just 35 minutes from Ottawa.

We were established in 2007 and have raised over 10,000 vines from infancy within 40 miles of one of the world's coldest capital cities. These hearty "Cold World" varietals include Frontenac, Sabrevois, Louise Swenson, St. Pepin and Marquette and can be tasted in our 2010 to 2015 vintages, our sm'Oaked Collection and our recently launched Dessert Wine. We truly believe that the hybrid grapes developed for cool Climates – or “Cold World” grapes as we call them, offer a new palette of tastes to the wine industry that should not be overlooked adding to the existing vinifera. These will in future, much like the new world wines of California, begin to challenge the flavours and colours that we have come to expect from more traditional wines.

We, Debbie and Paul "Smokie" Leblanc, welcome RV travelers and we hope you will love drinking our wines as much as we love making them! And you can also try our new cheese infused with our wine !

Visit us on weekends and holidays and on Friday evenings after 7PM.

Bilingual Service.

Route and Parking Informations: You have to drive a few kilometres on a gravel road to get to the vineyard. RV parking is a large, flat, grassy area located near picnic tables. Parking is for RV of 35' and less because the entrance is narrow.


Address: 10090 Cameron Road R.R. N°3 , Mountain, Ontario, K0E 1S0
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GPS Coordinates : lat. : 44.99598 / long. : -75.51386

Specific information:

Pets allowed on parking lots, if on a leash.
Maximum check-in time: 21 h

Parking spots available

Parking name Length Ground type Calendar
RV Parking 1 up to 35' Grass
RV Parking 2 up to 35' Grass
RV Parking 3 up to 35' Grass