Palmerston, Ontario

Artisan, Butcher & Deli, Breeding farm, Hiking

Peter and Suelaine Poot purchased their first two alpacas in 2004. Since then, their 24-acre family farm has become home to both Suri and Huacaya Alpacas, as well as to their six children (Ben, Joellen, Taryn, Moria, Reuben & Isaac) who are all active both within their farm and the surrounding community.

Pootcorners is unique in that they raise their animals for both clothing fibres and for meat consumption, unlike most other Alpaca fibre farms within Ontario. As a result of this sustainable, no-waste practice, Pootcorners produces beautiful, natural coloured Alpaca hides, as well as lovely clothing and other fibre products.

At the farm shop you will find yarn, mitts and gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, shawls, socks and more.

Alpaca meat is a very mild, very lean, low cholesterol meat that is high in protein. It takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked with. Our alpaca meat is raised on pasture, with supplemental hay in the winter and without any hormones.

Those who wish to stretch their legs after long hours of driving, can walk in the forest trails on our 24 acres land. You can see several birds there. Located in a rural area, it is a very quiet place to spend the night by RV.

Welcome RV travelers! Although we welcome you all season long, we do shear alpacas in May and June. If you wish, you could even participate! Also note that our farm is wheelchair accessible.

Service in English.

Parking and Route Informations: You will need to drive about 1 km on a well maintained gravel road to get to the farm. RVs can park either on asphalt near the garage or near the alpaca paddock on a grassed area.


Address: 9455 Road 146, Palmerston, Ontario, N0G 2P0
In order to find out schedules and/or costs related to activities offered by this producer (if applicable), please consult his web site.
GPS Coordinates : lat. : 43.80291 / long. : -80.81779

Specific information:

Pets allowed on parking lots, if on a leash.
Maximum check-in time: 21 h

Parking spots available

Parking name Length Ground type Calendar
RV Parking 1 up to 27' Grass
RV Parking 2 up to 27' Asphalt