Terroir-friendly RV travelers

A tasty alternative to camping !

Marathonien Vineyard
Marathonien Vineyard

RVing in Terroir is a Network of free overnight parking spaces offered by terroir producers in Canada who thrive to warmly greet and host RV travelers (trailer, motorhome, van).

-       650 safe parking spaces in scenic settings

-       5 Canadian provinces covered by the Network

-       35 vineyards and breweries

-       28 orchards

-       And so on!

 It is for RV travelers who love discoveries, authentic experiences, ‘off the beaten track’trips and tasty roadtrip experiences ... while saving money!

4 Easy Steps 

Alcide Proulx & Sons Farm
Alcide Proulx & Sons Farm

1. Subscribe online. Only $ 105 and you’ll have access to the free parking spots Network for one year. No other fees, charges, tariffs charged by producers or the Network over the year!

2. Find RV parking by browsing the map or search by regions, dates, products or other search criterias.

3. Book online. A single click and your parking is reserved! The host producer will be notified by email. There are no limits on the number of reservations.

4. You will receive by mail your member card, a sticker to put on your RV and a small welcome gift.

Gift Certificate

Motorhome in an orchard
Motorhome in an orchard

The annual subscription to RVing in Terroir is a unique gift for those who love camping and gourmet discoveries. The person to whom you will give this gift certificate can activate it at all time. Who knows? Maybe he or she will thank you with a good local product discovered on the road! Buy a gift certificate.


3-Day Pass

With the 3-Day Pass you can try out RVing in Terroir for 3 consecutive days. The passport costs $ 55 and you can activate it whenever it suits you. Buy a 3-Day Pass now.


Back in France, I wanted to tell you all our satisfaction. We met exceptional people who took the time to explain us their work and so much more. It was an important experience in our one-month stay in your beautiful country. Thank you.” Patrice, November 2017.


What a beautiful experience!!! A place we could only dream of with passionate and dedicated producers. Thank you for this beautiful and rewarding visit at this heavenly place. Notice to all RV and outdoor enthusiasts: this place is a must. Thank you and congratulations!” Yves and Lise, June 2017.


“We met passionate and welcoming people. Thanks to Veronique and Robert: your guided tour was very interesting. Unsung products to discover absolutely. The land is vast and simply beautiful. Wow! The perfect place for meditation ...”  Jacinthe and Marcel, July 2017.

Frequently asked questions


Any traveler who travels across Canada in a self-contained RV may subscribe, including rented vehicles.  Your RV must be self-contained (power, water, toilet, grey and black water tanks) as offered parking spaces have no facilities. The dumping of any gray or black water, and flushing/cleaning of tanks on Producer premises is prohibited. It is not allowed to fill the water tank at Producers premises.

Westfalia and other minivans are permitted, if the vehicles have a portable toilet and a container for waste water.


Of course! Trailers (fifth-wheels, travel trailers, truck campers) are welcome in the Network if they are self-contained. You must consider the total length of your trailer with the towing vehicle when you book a parking spot. Parking size is always shown in the producer’s files. Nealry 2/3  of the parking spots can accommodate any length RV.

Tents and tent trailers are not permitted.

Dogs and other pets

85% of the host producers accept pets on the parking lots, if on a leash. It’s always indicated on the producer’s file. When you search for producers you can ask for “pets allowed” only. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pets.

Length of the camping season

The booking season runs from May 1st to October 31st. You can book up to 30 days in advance… or the same day. Note that if you book the same day, the producer may not have seen the notification email upon your arrival.

Arrival and Departure Times

The host producers expect travellers to arrive during the opening hours of their shop or kiosk in order to welcome you and indicate RV sites. Thus, many producers have a maximum arrival time based on their reality at work and their family life. This maximum time is indicated on the producers' profile. If you have a hitch on the road and you expect to arrive later, we ask you to call the producer to notify him. You will find the phone number in your reservation confirmation email. This way, they won't wait for you unnecessarily and can tell you on the phone where to park when you arrive.

There is no departure time set by RVing in Terroir. We want you to enjoy the place and discover what the producer has to offer. When you arrive, while you show your member's card to the producer or his employees, they will inform you if they have an expectation regarding the time of departure.

On-site purchases

Since producers receive no financial compensation for the parking they offer, it is the least we can do to show interest in their products and to encourage them. If you arrive late at night, take a moment the next morning before you leave to find out what the producer has to offer. Rving in Terroir overnight stops are not free parking as Walmart's parking lots can be, but rather privileged opportunities to discover the region and its artisans.

A last tip for the camper

Meet the producer or his staff and show you member card to identify yourself. Enquire if there are specific expectations from the producer concerning parking spaces. Abide by the specific conditions (permissible time of arrival, etc.) and show respect for the quietness of the premises, including during the business after-hours. Use of BBQ and generators is not allowed, except if the producer specifically authorizes you to do so. Advise the producer of your departure and use the opportunity to thank him and his staff. Courtesy is always appreciated.